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  • Who We Are

    The Illumine Group, LLC

    About us

    The Illumine Group is a boutique consulting firm focused on the personal and professional development of leaders and aspiring leaders.
    We work with our client base to develop the power skills and complementary tools needed to successfully lead teams, organizations, and businesses. We collaborate to identify and create the practices, systems, and policies needed to support their individual growth and development as well as their teams or organizations.
    The Illumine Group is dedicated to improving the strategic outcomes of our clients by creating customized elevation roadmaps to fit their desired vision and goals.
    Our client base ranges from individual contributors to mid-size businesses and service organizations. Every client deserves and receives a high-quality client experience from our team.

    What We Do

    Simply put, The Illumine Group acts as a partner in your next-level goal attainment.
    We listen to the vision or goals described by our potential clients.
    We collaborate to craft a plan or solution that is agreeable to all parties.
    We establish a timeline that meets all milestones.
    We execute the success plan side by side with our client partners.
    We celebrate the victory!
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  • Our Client Intake Process

    No upfront commitment to get started!

    Meet and Greet

    30 Minutes

    A free introductory phone call to review what you are focused on or working on.



    E-value-ation Session

    60 Minutes

    A free introductory coaching or advisory session.

    We discuss and collaborate on 1 topic that you are considering for our partnership.


    Onboarding Meeting

    90 Minutes

    Our first meeting to align around an action plan or individual elevation plan that will become the foundation of our partnership.

    A signed agreement and deposit are required.