• Consulting & Outsourcing


    The Illumine Group serves as an objective third party that will provide a thorough review and analysis, expert opinion, and recommendations to our client base.


    The Illumine Group can be contracted to perform specific functions or complete projects on the client's behalf to expedite an effective resolution to organizational goals or issues.

  • Consulting and Outsourcing Services

    We support the creation and growth of people operations.

    Strategic Growth

    Human Resources and People Operations

    Change is necessary but sometimes difficult to navigate while managing the day-to-day business. The Illumine Group will partner with our clients to implement the processes and tools required to support the strategic growth and support the business needs.

    PPP Documentation (Practices, Processes, Policies)

    Documentation is King

    The Illumine Group can review and update or create documentation that will help build and guide the organizational culture that your organization needs. We can create standard operating procedures, processes, and supporting forms to assist in the management and accountability of successful teams.

    Employee Relations

    Have the Conversation

    The Illumine Group can support the management team or lead the efforts to successfully resolve employee relations matters. We will coach and guide managers and employees to a professional resolution while supporting the behavioral changes necessary to thrive within the team.

    Team Building

    Do the Work

    The Illumine Group will facilitate the bonding and commitment to team growth and goals through the combination of conversation, activities, and alignment processes. Each session is customized to support the team dynamics identified by the leader.


    Create the Foundation

    The Illumine Group will facilitate the attainment of identified competencies through the introduction of topics and presentation of retention activities to support ongoing activities and duties.
    Training topics frequently include:
    - Soft Skills Training
    - Compliance Training
    - Leadership Topics