• Speaking Engagements

    When we speak, they listen.

    Public speakers can motivate an audience to open their minds, explore new ideas, and be encouraged to make changes in the direction they wish. Our speakers can inform, persuade, and engage the audience in alignment with the purpose and theme of the event.


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    The Illumine Group offers keynote speeches aligned around the topics of leadership, goal setting and attainment, and motivational topics to open or close an event.
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    Panel Discussions


    As panel members, The Illumine Group can offer an educated and insightful perspective to complement and engage with other panel members. We are able to share from our practice knowledge, personal knowledge, and areas of study and expertise.
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    Group Presentations / Breakout Sessions


    The Illumine Group can facilitate presentations and discussions designed to integrate with the current development theme of the conference or workshop.
    We are also able to design and facilitate a series of presentations and engagement activities for an organization to support the identified development needs.
  • Hire Janell to Speak.

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    Our Founder and owner is available to speak at your next event.

    Janell specializes in topics on Leadership, Inclusion, and Workplace Culture.

    Visit janellsnipes.com for more details and booking information.

  • Featured Speech

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    Transforming from Tactical to Strategic

    The transformation from tactical to strategic is key to seeing the big picture beyond managing day-to-day tasks and becoming a force multiplier in your organization.


    Being strategic involves behaviors and a mindset that helps you identify the overall interests and the means to achieve them. A strategic mindset incorporates awareness beyond your functional area to the bigger context in which you operate. Strategic behaviors include actions you can take to accomplish your goals and further the goals of the broader team.


    In this session, we cover:

    • Using a Strategic Mindset to Build Credibility and Gain Influence
    • Three Ways to Increase Your Environmental Awareness
    • Three Key Strategic Behaviors to Increase Your Impact 
  • Janell's Next Engagement


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    Charlotte, NC

    May 22, 2024