• Full Day Workshops

    and Retreats

    The Illumine Group is committed to team advancement through structured, interactive workshops or retreats.

  • Full Day Workshops

    We support the creation and growth of people operations.

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    Strategic Planning

    Set the Course

    A strategic plan helps organizations set the direction to proactively accomplish goals. A planning session will help to establish realistic objectives and goals that are aligned with the vision and mission.


    Session Objectives Include:

    - Create a unified short-term vision

    - Define Priorities and Goals

    - Document KPI's and Milestones

    - Allocate Resources for Plan Achievement


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    Culture Lab

    Create an Orgnizational Culture to be Proud Of!

    An unattended culture becomes an unintended culture. The Culture Lab workshop brings leaders together in an uninterrupted environment to focus on and design an outline of the desired organizational culture.


    Session Objectives Include:

    - Vision & Mission Review or Creation

    - Identifying Core Beliefs & Behaviors

    - Communication & Implementation Planning


    The Culture Lab workshop can be integrated into a consulting package for more extensive work.

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    Talented Team

    Innovative Workforce Planning

    Talent Management is essential to organizational sustainability. Are the right people on the bus? Are the right people in the right seats?


    Session Objectives Include:

    - Identify workforce needs to meet the organization's strategic direction

    - Evaluate the current talent pool's knowledge, skills, and potential

    - Understand gaps between current workforce and future need

    - Create potential solutions to bridge the gap between current state and future state


    The Talented Team workshop is a holistic organizational view for position and talent management. Planning now for future talent needs can ensure that goals aren't delayed because you don't have the right talent.




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    NexGen Planning

    Your Leadership Pipeline

    NextGen Leaders are key components of organizational sustainability. Identifying, engaging, and retaining your next generation of leaders helps to strengthen the capability of your organization.


    Session Objectives Include:

    - Identifying Critical and Vulnerable Positions

    - Review or Creation of a Position Pathways

    - Identify Succession Candidates

    - KSA Gap Analysis and Professional Development Plan


    NextGen Planning should be an annual process aimed and monitoring and managing the pipeline of emerging leaders.


  • Assessment/Workshop Combinations

    Our Certified Practicioners will Administer Assessments and Support Understanding.

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    DISC Assessments & Group Workshop

    Behavioral Assessment

    We utilize the DISC assessment to uncover four behavioral factors that impact work styles, communication, cohesion, and performance management. With the DISC reports, we can help our clients utilize the insights to make adjustments that support relationships, maximize productivity, and shift culture.


    Our team is certified to administer the TTI Success Insights or the Wiley Everything DiSC assessment.


    Workshop Objectives:
    - Understanding Your DISC Results
    - Understanding & Appreciating Other DISC Styles
    - Focus Topic*: Enhancing Communication, Team Cohesion, Managing Conflict/Gaining Alignment


    *Additional Focus Topics can be added in supporting workshops
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    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment & Group Workshop

    Personality Assessment

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment will help us identify personality traits that can help build more dynamic and effective teams. With the MBTI reports, we assist our clients in understanding


    Workshop Objectives:

    - Understanding Your Personality Type

    - Understanding & Appriciating Other Personality Types

    - Focus Topic*: Enhancing Communication, Managing Change, Motivating & Providing Feedback


    *Additional Focus Topics can be added in supporting workshops

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    Inclusive Workplaces Workshops

    Inclusion Awareness and Support

    Utilizing a variety of resources, we can support awareness and inclusion to


    Workshop Options:
    - Fighting Bias in the Workplace
    - Understanding Allyship
  • Customize It!

    Based on the Audience, these workshops can be updated to fit the proper perspective.